Piyush-HMSE Patel ppate at
Wed Nov 17 07:41:02 GMT 1999

     i'm trying to get samba on linux (suse 6.1) working with win95. i have 
     verified that the network cards work by pinging either machine.
     here is my setup
     hostname:   booboo
     workgroup:  WORKGROUP
     notes:      set up as login to windows NT domain, 
                 tried password encrypted on and off by
                 setting windows registry variables
     hostname:   PEANUT
     workgroup:  WORKGROUP:
     notes:      in the smb.conf file i have set the share and security     
                 information as given by examples in "HOW-TO samba"
     i have tried smbclient -L booboo and the response i get in my linux 
     box is that the connection was refused.
     when i reboot windows, it complains that a domain controller could not 
     be found and hence password could not be verified. i understand from 
     some of the help stuff on the net that this is ok and should not cause 
     a problem communcicating with samba.
     anyone got any suggestions ?     

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