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Brian Keith Kowolowski bkk5 at
Tue Nov 16 22:26:25 GMT 1999

 Mac (dmccann at
> Hi Brian,
> >actually, i want the opposite - i need a way to specify that a particular
> >password is used for a particular share, regardless of the user.
> >can i do this?
> Sort of.
> The most important thing that will make this work is running the whole
> server in 'security = share' mode.  This is awful for most purposes
> (because the Win clients don't give a username to a server running in
> 'share' mode, and so Samba has to guess which UNIX user you are.)
> You can make it easier though by having exactly one entry in the 'valid
> users' list, (which is a special user you create just for this share)
> and set the password on that to something you can tell everyone.  Set
> that user's shell to something like /bin/false though so they can't log
> in normally with that user. (telnet etc.)
> Then make sure the directory the share uses is owned by this new user,
> and you're away (I think).

hmm.  this is close.  i now have a share that is accessible via password for
any user.  unfortunately, it's accessible to anyuser who uses *any* password
in the samba password file.  can i stop this so it only will allow access if
the *correct* password is given?

here's the share section, and i am using security = share

 available = yes
 browseable = yes
 force user = galik
 guest ok = no
 path = /home/galik
 read only = yes
galik is a valid user and has permission to read /home/galik.

thank you,

brian kowolowski
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