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Mac dmccann at
Tue Nov 16 17:26:56 GMT 1999

Hi Brian,

>actually, i want the opposite - i need a way to specify that a particular
>password is used for a particular share, regardless of the user.
>can i do this?

Sort of.

The most important thing that will make this work is running the whole
server in 'security = share' mode.  This is awful for most purposes
(because the Win clients don't give a username to a server running in
'share' mode, and so Samba has to guess which UNIX user you are.)

You can make it easier though by having exactly one entry in the 'valid
users' list, (which is a special user you create just for this share)
and set the password on that to something you can tell everyone.  Set
that user's shell to something like /bin/false though so they can't log
in normally with that user. (telnet etc.)

Then make sure the directory the share uses is owned by this new user,
and you're away (I think).


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