NT Backup & Samba

Matthew Vanecek mev0003 at unt.edu
Mon Nov 15 15:34:35 GMT 1999

Tim Sutinen wrote:
> My problem is this - I wonder if anyone else has found a solution.
> I have an NT server & run NT Backup nightly and want to backup my RedHat
> 6 /Samba 2.0.5 box with it.  I can create, delete and read files from
> those Samba shares, but for some reason NT Backup claims that it
> does not have enough permissions to backup those files that are sitting
> in the Samba Box.
> Would you have any clues how to go about this?
> Tim

Don't know if this helps any, but generally the NT Backup user would
have to have global read rights to everything (that's being backed up). 
Or any other backup user, for that matter.  Another factor may be the
"mapping more than one share with different user names" problem--but
that may be fixed in 2.0.6 (or was it really a problem?).  One thing you
may try is to give the NT Backup user read rights to all the samba
shares, in the smb.conf.
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