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Eliot Muir eliot.muir at
Sat Nov 13 20:16:38 GMT 1999


I'm trying to run rcs under Windows NT (service pack 4)
with rcs files on a Linux box.

I get the following problem - normal checking out works fine...
except whenever I try to lock files...

C:\code2\SVC>co filelist
//testbox/source/archive/chameleon/SVC/filelist  -->  filelist
revision 1.9

C:\code2\SVC>co -l filelist
co: symbolic link to non RCS file `//testbox/source/archive/chameleon/SVC/filelist'
co: //testbox/source/archive/chameleon/SVC/filelist: Invalid argument

I'm using RCS version 5.7 and SAMBA 2.0.3 and
I have the "follow symlinks" parameter set to "yes"
on my share.

Sound familar to anyone?


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