smbmount problem after kernel recompile

Mader, Cary J cary.mader at
Fri Nov 12 22:20:07 GMT 1999

Hi all,

I am running SuSE 6.2 on a machine with 2 processors, so I just recompiled
the kernel to pick up the second cpu.    

I now have problems using smbmount (2.0.5a that came with distrubution) or
using the newer mount syntax (I just installed 2.0.6) to mount a share from
an NT 4.0 server.  After issuing the smbmount/mount command, and then going
to the mount point, I get i/o errors on the mounted directory, i.e. I
created /mnt/test, and the following:
>cd /mnt/test
produces the following error:
"ls: test: Input/output error"

At this point the mount point is in a state of limbo. I can't unmount as I
receive error "device or resource busy".  At this point the only way to
resolve it is to reboot the server (sounds like NT).  

The other odd thing about all of this is that everything else seems to work
just fine.  I can use smbclient to talk to the same NT share and the local
host just fine.  I haven't tried to map a drive from an NT workstation to
the linux server yet, but I'm going to guess that works fine also.

There is a note in the SuSE support db regarding recompiling of kernel for
smp support that mentions some modules may need to be recompiled because
"single processor modules will not work with an smp kernel".  I'm wondering
if that maybe the smb module is one of those.  I've looked at the config
file I used to recompile the kernel and it shows smb support is a module,
not compiled into the kernel.    

At this point I'll admit that I'm a little lost.  Is there a module I need
to recompile to fix the mount problems, and if so, which one, and how.  I
think I kind of know how to recompile a module, I'm just not sure which one
and where to find the source. there some other problem?

I'd appreciate any help....

Cary Mader
cary.mader at

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