problems running samba on Caldera 2.3?

Todd, Chris Todd at
Fri Nov 12 18:08:24 GMT 1999

I have the default installation of samba (2.0.5) that came with Caldera OL
2.3, but it doesn't seem to be starting up properly, nor is SWAT working.

When I run the script 'samba start', I get the message "Starting samba:
smbd nmbd", but when I check the running processes, only nmbd shows up.
Running smbstatus gives me the message "Couldn't open status file
/var/lock/samba.d/STATUS..LCK" (no, I didn't make a typo there...there are,
in fact, two dots in between STATUS and LCK).  In fact, the only files in
that directory are and correctly reports the
pid of nmbd, but since smbd doesn't show up in the process list, i don't
know if it's correctly reporting the smbd pid.

Also, when I point my browser to http://localhost:901 I get a Network error:
Connection reset by peer.  netstat -vat shows swat listening on port 901,
and netbios-ssn on port 139.  I have the line
swat    901/tcp
in my /etc/services file, and I have the lines
swat   stream   tcp   nowait.400   root   /usr/sbin/tcpd /usr/sbin/swat
netbios-ssn stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/smbd smbd
netbios-ns dgram udp nowait root /usr/sbin/nmbd nmbd
in my /etc/inetd.conf file.

Am I doing something wrong?  Is there something curious about samba on
Caldera 2.3?  I've read that Caldera uses PAM, but I would assume that the
samba rpm that came with COL2.3 would have Samba compiled to use PAM.

If I am leaving out info you need, let me know.

Chris Todd
todd at

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