Slow Excel File Open on Samba Shares

Richard Stephens Jr {81462} rsj at
Thu Nov 11 17:44:49 GMT 1999

I have a 1.9.18p4 Samba server running on an HP-UX 10.20 box.  It has been
running smooth as silk for almost 2 years now.  Just this Monday, users
have been experiencing slow file open times (1-3 minutes) when opening
Excel files from any of the Samba shares.  This problem does not occur
with files created by any other MS Office product.  File size does not
seem to matter either.

On the client side (all NT 4.0 workstation SP3, Novell Intranetware
Client, MS Office 97), the event viewer reports Event ID 3009 "The
redirector failed to unlock part of a file on server sambaserv".  I could
not find any MS Knowledgebase articles regarding this error.

Has anybody else seen this problem?  If so, what is the fix?  oplocks?

Thank you for your assistance,
Rick Stephens
Richard A. Stephens, Jr.                E-mail: rsj at
Systems Administrator

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