Authetication suggestions?

Edward Schernau ed at
Thu Nov 11 13:14:33 GMT 1999

I've got a small group of users, and I fear I'm going to end up with 2-3
passwords per user, and would like to avoid this.


Network of W98 PCs
1 Linux Samba server
1 SCO Server, running an app which needs SCO VisionFS, and plaintext

At the insistence of the SCO app vendor, I have enabled plaintext.
Can anyone point me to a solution where:
Users can have 1 password, and
Users can change this password from the 98 box.

It appears that to sync passwords you need encryption.  If this is NOT
the case, I can set up an /etc/smbpasswd file, and possible coerce the
people into running NIS for me.

Any ideas?  I may just tell the people that they have N passwords, but
I'd like to be more elegant.

Edward Schernau
Network Architect			mailto:ed at
Rational Computing			Providence, RI, USA

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