To follow up on my own sslproxy question...

Michael L Kieras michael at
Wed Nov 10 17:58:43 GMT 1999

Ok, I built sslproxy on a separate UNIX workstation and ran it like
this, and it worked fine:

sslproxy -l 139 -R -r 139 -n -v /usr/local/ssl/certs

After that, the following command worked fine on my NT box:

net use g: \\\michael mypassword /user:michael

So I know how sslproxy is supposed to work, but on my NT box,

net use g: \\\michael mypassword /user:michael

doesn't work, even if I stop the "Server" service, so it's something
on the NT end.  If I find out more, I'll send more.  Again, if anyone
has any other ideas, I'd appreciate them.

-- Michael Kieras -------------------------------------------------
michael at

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