2nd try: sync of passwd and smbpasswd

Ralf Christmann rchristmann at zh.unipektin.ch
Tue Nov 9 13:23:06 GMT 1999

I'm using samba2.02 and shadowed passwords.
I' m on the way to migrate from plaintext  to encrypted passwords.
Therefore I've set the parameter update encrypted to "Yes".
After everyone has logged in I will set this parameter to "No" again and
set encrypted passwd = Yes.
So far, so good. But three questions are remaining for me: 
a) what to do with those who have not logged in during the parameter update
encrypted =Yes is set. 
b) what I have to do when I add new users on the linux box (for every one
to adduser and then smbpasswd -a)?
c) what password database are win9x clients are manipulating when they are
using command: "net passwd"

I want to synchronize the passwd (or shadow) and smbpasswd at every time,
some of our clients are booting linux and windows depending on their work
they have to do.
The linux clients are using nfs and therefore are login with (plaintext)
and on the other hand when booting win9x they are login with encrypted
smbpasswd (using samba).
So the clients are able to change their pasword linux-like and from the
windows side (net passwd). 
Most of them want to use the same passwords for linux and win9x booting.
Therefore changes made in the password should be the same on the linux way
and the windows way.

Some hints?

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