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Tue Nov 9 14:12:12 GMT 1999

Lowell Kinzer <lkinzer at> wrote:
>At 07:30 AM 11/8/99 , James Roth wrote:
>> I'm nearly finished with the process of upgrading a client's old Novell
>>server to a Linux box with Samba.  The only problem I've run into is
>>setting the user's PATH environment variable.  When I use
>>"PATH=%PATH%;h:\util" in a netlogon script, PATH is not inherited by the
>>other programs.  Could someone please explain how to do this on a global
>There is a utility in the Windows NT Resource Kit, setx.exe, which can set
>system and user environment variables.

There is also PATHMAN and KiXstart in the resource kit that allow you to do

Any where but in the NETLOGON script!  Windows explorer during
initialization ignores the message from these programs that it should update
it's environment variables.  Even placing the command file in the startup
group does not work.

If you examine the registry or the "System Properties", you will find that
the environment variables are set, just that the Explorer shell and any of
it's children can not see them.

After the login is complete, these programs work as advertised.

Also using any of the above in a script on a NT system running certain
programs as services can cause the script to hang after it updates the


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