synchronizing Samba & Unix passwords

Blair Conrad beconrad at
Tue Nov 9 13:56:22 GMT 1999

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Okay. Maybe someone knows the answer to a question I have about
password synchronization. The smb.conf man page says that the "passd
chat" string controls the chat between smbd and the local password
changing program. The man page goes on to say that the string can
contain "%o" and "%n" which are subsituted for the old and new
passwords, respectively. 

Then, it says that if "unix password sync" is true, the sequence is
called as root and in that case the old password is set to "". 

All this implies to me that there is some way to get the local
password program to be called 
	1) so that it's not called as root, and
	2) it has access to the old password

However, when I set "unix password sync" to false, I see no evidence
that the "passwd program" is called at all, not even when I turn
"passwd chat debug" on and run smbd at debug level 100.

Can anyone help me? How can I have the password program called without
using "unix passwd sync"? If I can't, then why is the smb.conf man
page written in the way it is?


Blair Conrad
beconrad at   

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