Solved: Windows 2000 login with profile on Samba

Otto Giesenfeld otto.giesenfeld at
Mon Nov 8 10:32:15 GMT 1999

I wrote:
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We have a small network where roaming profiles are stored on a Samba 2.0.5a
server. (Samba is a member of the domain, not the domain controller.) When
one tries to log on to a machine running Windows 2000 Professional RC2,
reading the profile fails, with error messages like: "Windows cannot copy
file \\filserver\profiles\ottog2\profile\Application
Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ to location D:\Documents and
Settings\ottog2\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\. Contact your
network administrator. DETAIL - Access is denied."
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It turns out that the directory ...\Internet Explorer\ was for some reason
created with zero permissions in the Unix file system. (Directories higher
up in the structure were OK.) The following settings for the profiles share
seems to have solved the problem:

  force create mode = 0600
  force directory mode = 0700

Otto Giesenfeld

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