smbmount prob on 2.0.6pre3

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Sat Nov 6 01:18:43 GMT 1999

Urban Widmark wrote:
> Me too. You may want to try the included patch, apply from source/client/
> It fixes 2 errors. If there is a BINDIR "/smbmnt it should execv
> BINDIR "/smbmnt and not smbmnt (why it should choose the path as its
> second option and not first is a different question).
> The second thing is that waitpid may return errors (I don't handle them
> here but I probably should) and that the status from waitpid is not a
> returnvalue from that process.
> This patch isn't entirely correct, but it makes it work (for me anyway :)

Maybe but it's still very good :-). I've added it for 2.0.6, thanks.


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