smbmount prob on 2.0.6pre3

Bill Eldridge bill at
Thu Nov 4 22:18:04 GMT 1999

Urban Widmark wrote:
> > [root at khiva rc3.d]# /usr/sbin/smbmount //cna/rxcna
> > /home/httpd/html/cna/rxcna -o guest,ro,ip=
> > Mounting CNA
> > execvp: No such file or directory
>   ^^^^^^
> It could not find smbmnt as "BINDIR/smbmnt" so it tries to find it in your
> path. Do you have smbmnt in your path?
> /Urban

How about dem apples - it works.

Now to figure out how to get the path in my boot scripts.
Still seems like a bug to me - it worked without it before,
and I'm calling /usr/sbin/smbmount, but whatever it takes...
Bill Eldridge
Radio Free Asia
bill at

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