SysV style printer interface (Works atleast in SCO)

Jani Mikkonen rasjani at
Fri Nov 5 13:09:44 GMT 1999

Samba comes with some sort of sysv stylish printer interface but
it doesnt do much except puts the file queued to printspooler to
smb printer. 

I've made few posts to differenet newsgroups and ran a quick search 
thru sambas mailing lists and didnt find anything *really* usefull.

What i really needed was printer reseting and lp commandline parsing
so that i could change to cpi and lpi options for spooled printout.

So, as i didnt find anything usefull, i had to write the goddamit
interface myself and now, i wish to contribute this interface to
others who might need one too. You can download the interface from
this url:

Interface has following capabilities:

* checks whether smb server is up or not
* check if smb server has a specified share 
* easy to configure
* resets printer according its terminfo
* optional character translation 
* handles following switches (SCO lp) "-n" "-o cpi" and "-o lpi"

What i would love to see (if someone has time and will) in this
interface is optional banner support and more error controlling.

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