Confusion over how to configure WINS

Hutton, Rob HuttonR at
Thu Nov 4 19:02:27 GMT 1999

  We have a network of about 24 remote site all connecting to our home
office across a mixture of private frame relay and VPN across the internet.
In order to simplify our life, and at the same time, reduce the amount of
non critical and chatty traffic transversing the WAN links during business
hours, we are putting servers at each remote to do DHCP, DNS, WINS, and file
and print sharing.  From the documentation, I'm not sure whether we need to
turn WINS server on at each remote site.  Or if I need to set WINS proxy to
yes, and put in the WINS address of the  PDC at the home office?  Our
network is private 10.*.*.* addressing, fully subnetted with each remote
site having either a /19 or /24 subnet mask.
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