Bug in multi-home nmbd

tbsky_lee at notes.unicap.com.tw tbsky_lee at notes.unicap.com.tw
Thu Nov 4 10:36:30 GMT 1999

samba version: 2.05a or 2.06

 samba server  has 2 nic card.  &
 server connect network directly.
 server connect network via
 server runs linux as wins and logon server

 client1 has 2 interface card.  &
 client1 runs linux as wins client

 client2 has 1 interface card.
 client2 connect via
 client2 runs win98 as wins client

 client2 can not  logon server, sometimes.
 bc4 nmbd tell client2 that server's ip is

client2 can not connect  client1, sometimes.
bc4 nmbd tell client2 that client1's ip is

nmbd should tell client2 that server's ip is
and client1's ip is

Could this be fixed when  releasing 2.0.6 ???

PS1:if all networks connet directly, client2 can allways
         connect server. but it can't connet through router.

PS2: now i let samba server use only 1 interface card.
         and use linux ipchains to forward other clients to server....

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