smbmount for Solaris

Daniel Polombo daniel.polombo at
Tue Nov 2 07:28:25 GMT 1999

DaveZ wrote:
> Folks,
> We used to use something called "smbmount" to mount
> file systems on our Linux servers to PCs.
> Something like:
> On the Linux server:
> smbmount /home/pc //pc_server/Cdrive
> This would be a permamnent mount point.
> Does anyone know of anything like this for Solaris?

No : smbmount is based on the smbfs package for Linux, which
brings support for a new filesystem type (smbfs) to the linux
kernel. It has been devised specifically for linux, and I don't
think porting it to Solaris would be a simple task.



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