Massive number of processes bringing system to a halt.

Martin Rootes M.J.Rootes at
Mon Nov 1 17:34:11 GMT 1999

Dear All,

	I'm running SAMBA 2.0.5a on a Sun 450 running Solaris 7. In the past I've had an occasional 
problem with processes running amok and causing the server to grind to a halt, which I've put 
down to network glitches as they seemed to coincide with problems on the network. But today 
I've had 3 instances where the number of smbd processes has just steadily increased until 
nothing at all can run and even the system console becomes hung. Anyone out there have any 
ideas as to what may be causing the problem, or where I should be looking for a solution?

	Martin Rootes
	Systems Support

Martin Rootes - Senior Systems Programmer/Analyst, Sheffield Hallam University
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