samba and SMP

Marc Dodsworth marcd at
Mon Nov 1 08:11:06 GMT 1999

It will be painful but check the MS website for details on OPlock.  There
are some settings in the NT registry that handle the OPlock so you might
find something of use there (I know there is details on oplock on M$ cos it
came up in a situation I was involved with :-)

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Date: Monday, November 01, 1999 2:53 PM
Subject: samba and SMP

>I've now tried 2.0.6pre2 with a SuperMicro P6DNF dual PPro as well as
>the Everex StepDP/Pro dual PPro MB; same result,
>large (more than 1 MB) file copies usually crash with only a message about
>oplock errors in the logfile.  Running a single CPU kernel works fine
>(pre2 seems much faster, but I haven't done any testing).
>2.0.5a does the same.
>NFS and mars_nwe with the same hardware and SMP kernel work fine, even with
>very large files (GB) and high throughput (3MB/sec sustained).  There are
>no hardware errors reported at any time; memory passes AMIDiag's pattern
>testing without a peep.  The SM used completely different hardware and a
>fresh installation, by the way.
>Client is an NT4 SP5 workstation; have tried both server and domain
>I have many KB of mptable/kernel config files/log files, but none of it
>very helpful.  I suspect that a sniffer will be required to do a packet
>Any suggestions?
>Mike Squires
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