Using Samba with 2 ethernet interfaces

Michal Jezierski heja at
Mon May 31 22:21:32 GMT 1999

On Mon, 31 May 1999, you wrote:
>I've search the archives & found several requests for help with
>configuring Samba for 2 ethernet interfaces, but can't seem to find any
>answers posted. So, I'll try asking!
>I've got a FreeBSD server running samba (version 1.9 something I think,
>definitely not version 2). It has 2 ethernet interfaces which are
>configured correctly for tcp/ip - I can telnet the server from windoze
>workstations connected to either card & ping back & forth. There is no
>routing between the 2 nets.

Do you ping IP address or hostname?

>Samba works ok from the ed0 interface, but if we move a workstation from
>ed0 to ed1 & adjust it's ip address etc. for that sub net, it can't see
>the server (I can telnet to the server, but there is no domain server
>found when I try to logon to the network). I have put the following
>entry in smb.conf:
>	interfaces =
>where those are the addresses of the 2 ethernet cards in the machine.
>If I shift the workstation to the ed0 side & change it's ip address, it
>logs on without any problem, so evidently samba is not attaching itself
>to ed1 for some reason.

Or maybe it is not just the matter of changing client's IP? What about WINS,
DNS, etc.?

> Here is my smb.conf file in full: 

Where? I couldn't find it (sorry) ;-(


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