Using Samba with 2 ethernet interfaces

Ian Moore imoore at
Mon May 31 04:52:13 GMT 1999

I've search the archives & found several requests for help with
configuring Samba for 2 ethernet interfaces, but can't seem to find any
answers posted. So, I'll try asking!
I've got a FreeBSD server running samba (version 1.9 something I think,
definitely not version 2). It has 2 ethernet interfaces which are
configured correctly for tcp/ip - I can telnet the server from windoze
workstations connected to either card & ping back & forth. There is no
routing between the 2 nets.
Samba works ok from the ed0 interface, but if we move a workstation from
ed0 to ed1 & adjust it's ip address etc. for that sub net, it can't see
the server (I can telnet to the server, but there is no domain server
found when I try to logon to the network). I have put the following
entry in smb.conf:
	interfaces =

where those are the addresses of the 2 ethernet cards in the machine.
If I shift the workstation to the ed0 side & change it's ip address, it
logs on without any problem, so evidently samba is not attaching itself
to ed1 for some reason.
Any ideas?

Here is my smb.conf file in full:

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