Trouble with Samba and Dos-apps on Win 95

Wolfgang Albrecht Wolfgang_Albrecht at
Sat May 29 19:42:51 GMT 1999


last weekend, I removed my old Novell-Server and replaced it by a
running kernel 2.2.5 and Samba 2.0.3 (Suse-Linux 6.1). Almost everything
works fine, but there are 3 Dos-based applications, that have a strange
problem. These applications run in a Win 95 Dos-box. They are all written
by the same company. There are selection boxes, e.g. a printer driver
selection box, which do not work. In the box, I can see only one printer.
But in the driver directory, there are more than 20 printer driver files.
Doing a dir in the subdirectory which contains the printer drivers
works fine. I can see all those driver files, and I can take a look
at those files in the subdirectory with the type-command in the Dos-box.

So far, all other applications work fine with the Linux-Server. But these
three do not. The developers say, they tested with Novell-Server and
NT-Server. They say, their applications work fine with both types of
server. But with a Linux-server, they never tested.

I did chmod -R 770 * on those directories, I started the applications as
so I think it's not a problem of insufficient rights on thoses

Do you have any idea how to solve this problem?

Are there smb.conf-parameters to change?

Since the programmers of those applications have no idea what goes wrong,
do you have any hints for them how to change those applications?

Thank you in advance.

Wolfgang Albrecht

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