HEAD and 2.0.4b - interworking?

George Cameron george at biomed.abdn.ac.uk
Fri May 28 09:56:42 GMT 1999

Did I understand from something Jeremy said recently that a recommended
mode of operation for those wishing to try the full PDC support might

   1.	all file servers running production version (currently 2.0.4b)
   2.	single PDC machine running HEAD branch

in order to get the stability and performance of the production version
while still being able to use the latest PDC functionality?

In other words, should I expect that the two different versions should
inter-work successfully?

Are others using this setup?

I am keen to try the full PDC functionality with NTWS4, but a bit reluctant
to implement the 2.0.4b version since I know this will be superceded
(soonish?) and that changing over will require considerable reconfiguration.

Comments and suggestions welcomed.


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