Problem samba-2.0.4b - NT-ACLs and Winframe 1.6/1.7 "the paranmeter is incorrect"

Hanns-Peter Ermert Hanns-Peter.Ermert at
Tue May 25 19:45:37 GMT 1999

With NT 4.0 machines ACLs can be looked up as described in the samba

But with Winframe/Wincenter (NT3.51) when we try to access ACLs in
Filemanager->Security ->Permissions
 then I get the message: "the parameter is incorrect" .

The owner-Information using  Filemanager->Security->Owner works correct.
The pull-down menu (Filemanager->Security) shows selectable entries only
if a file is selected whereas all entries are grayed out if a directory
is selected.

This happens with samba-2.0.4b on solaris 2.6 , sparc ultra-4 . Probably
we will get same results on different platforms.

Anybody out there who has similar experience?

Regards Peter Ermert
Ing. Buero Ermert, Dipl. Inform Hanns-Peter Ermert, 10715 Berlin
email: Hanns-Peter.Ermert at / Alcatel SEL AG,ZNBIT
12099 Berlin,Colditzstrasse 34-36,Tel:+49-30-7002-4766/4788

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