Required Services for Samba?

Ken Walker kwalker at
Sun May 23 19:35:29 GMT 1999

I have been working on setting up IP MASQ on my home network (using 
RH6 as server with dial up modem connection and Win98 on another 
computer as a client) and making some changes to services the Linux 
box runs with security concerns in mind as recommended by Robert 
Ziegler's Linux Firewall and Security site at
and in doing that removed some services using ksysv.

The ones I removed were amongst this list: amd, autofs, gated, nfs, 
nfsfs, routed, snmpd and ypbind.  I don't have much of a handle on 
what these various services do but taking them away hasn't seemed to
create any problems (except the one described below).  I am still able to
run KDE without a problem.  

But when I am using Midnight Commander in text mode, every once in a while
the usual screen will be replaced by a stream of error messages that seem
to be coming from queries that the Win98 machine sends to the Samba server
I run on the Linux machine.  The messages are not formatted properly but
complain of the lack of a WINS server.  When I get these messages, if I
type the clear command, I get my MC screen back and can carry on.

I suppose this is an elementary problem but since I am at a less than
elementary skill level with networking and Linux, I don't know where to
look to solve it.  I don't know whether one of the services needs to go
back in or whether I have to reconfigure some network or Samba
configuration files to deal with the problem.

Any suggestions?

Ken Walker mailto:kwalker at
ICQ 27178269

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