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Sat May 22 04:26:13 GMT 1999

On 22 May 99, Nicholas Tang <ntang at> had questions about 

> browse... I tried cd'ing into /smb and ls'ing and got nothing. 
> Do I have to be running smb on the machine?  Is there any way
> to avoid that?  I don't want to run smbd on every linux workstation
> just so they can browse the network.  I guess I'd have to, though,
> otherwise it wouldn't know where to go to browse. 

I would think you'd need the smbfs support in the kernel, but you 
shouldn't need to run smbd/nmbd (unless you need to define shares, 
be a WINS server, etc).  It should work via NetBIOS broadcast...

> Ah well, time to start playing.

Don't let me stop you.  It's the best way to figure out how things 
really work...


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