unable to log on to server

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at coyote.rain.org
Sat May 22 04:26:13 GMT 1999

On 22 May 99, <khoogc at singnet.com.sg> had questions about unable to 
log on to server:  

> 2. Server is a RH5.2 with shadow passwd and samba-2.0.3 and has the line
>	orchid.khoo.lgl		orchid
> in /etc/hosts

Does the RH box connect to the outside world (eg, ip_masq)?  If so, 
then you should reverse the name order above:	orchid		orchid.khoo.lgl

Unless you have FQDNs in the host table, or you're running your own 
private DNS, etc.

> 3. Client is a windows 3.1 with Lanman 2.2 and given the name shenton
> with
> ID

Just a thought - could you make the client a linux box and use 

> 5. When I issue the net command, I can only see *Local*------Shenton
> listed

I assume you mean Net View, Net Use, etc?

> 5. If I go to the view -> users on a domain menu, I see
> 	error
> The domain controller for domain MYGROUP could not be found

Are you running samba as a PDC, or is it just defaulting to the 
workgroup name? Maybe you need to turn off the win31 domain login 

> 6. If I log off and then log in again I see
> 	successful login
> effective username	:Richard
> Logon server		:\\orchid
> last logon :		NEVER
> must log off by :	NEVER

Does it work at this point (ie, after the second login)?  Since 
samba seems to recognize the first login (but the client doesn't), 
samba may be responding to the login in a way that win31 doesn't 
understand.  It looks like you may need to "dumb down" samba; I 
believe you can set the protocol in smb.conf (ie, to some 
appropriate lanman version instead of NT1, etc).

Hope this helps, Steve

Steve Arnold  CLE (Certifiable Linux Evangelist)

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