Speed problems

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at coyote.rain.org
Sat May 22 04:26:13 GMT 1999

On 22 May 99, Michal Jezierski <heja at xox.pl> had questions about 
Speed problems:  

> I have tested the speed with xfertest (from samba.org site), run on
> print server, transferring 2 MB file back and forth to the main server.
> These are the results:
> ftp:
> get 400 kb/s, put 900 kb/s
> Samba:
> get 300 kb/s, put 500 kb/s
> So this doesn't look like a hardware problem.

Considering the speed/stability of the linux TCP/IP stack, and the 
fact that the speeds above are about half of what you should be 
getting, I can only suspect a marginal hardware implementation.  
But unless you can test it with different NICs it's hard to say...

Sorry, Steve

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