Samba performance question

Ralf Nagel ralfn at
Wed May 19 11:41:07 GMT 1999

Hi all,

I am running a samba server (2.0.3) in a small eth-based home network.
There is only one win client (NT workstation, Sp4).
The samba box ist set up with wins support enabled and the NT box´
wins server entry points to samba server. Everything works fine: no
error messages neither server nor client. The server shows up
immediately in the NT´s network neigborhood. Browsing is fast.

!!But for example copying a file of 32 Megs takes 50 minutes!!

I have tried various setups in every possible combination:
kernel 2.2.5/2.2.3      -  samba 2.0.3/2.0.2/1.9...
kernel 2.0.34/35/36     -  samba 2.0.3/2.0.2/1.9...

I have also applied all the tuning measures (TCP_NODELAY etc.)
and taken them out again.
I have performed the checks in DIAGNOSIS.txt and of course checked
with testparm. Everthing seems to be okay.
Finally I changed the network cards (all NE2000 clones), but to no
BTW the network speed using other connections (telnet,www,ftp) is as

What´s wrong here?


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