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Jorge Gonzalez Villalonga jorgegv at
Thu May 13 16:12:43 GMT 1999

Pattee M Bender wrote:
> I have just installed Samba for the following configuration:
> AIX 4.2, with NT clients
> We are trying to print from clients to unix printers through a Progress
> (database) program.  On unix, I would identify my destination as "lp -s
> -dprinter1".  Now, I indicate "//rs6000/printer1".   People in our systems
> department (and therefore, people with "root" privileges) can print without any
> problem.  However, regular users cannot.  They get a message that basically says
> they don't have access to the following file
>    //rs6000/printer1      (where printer1 is the name of the unix printer).
> I am assuming this is either a configuration or permissions problem on the unix
> box, but I don't know which, and I don't know what to do (or where to go) to
> resolve it.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks!!
> Pattee Bender
> Uniform Color Company

I had some problems of this kind some time ago, and they were happening
because the samba spool directory (where it stores print jobs) didn't
have the right permissions. The recommended is 1777 (sticky bit set,
world writable).

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