permissions for printing

Pattee M Bender pbender at
Thu May 13 12:34:55 GMT 1999

I have just installed Samba for the following configuration:

AIX 4.2, with NT clients

We are trying to print from clients to unix printers through a Progress
(database) program.  On unix, I would identify my destination as "lp -s
-dprinter1".  Now, I indicate "//rs6000/printer1".   People in our systems
department (and therefore, people with "root" privileges) can print without any
problem.  However, regular users cannot.  They get a message that basically says
they don't have access to the following file
   //rs6000/printer1      (where printer1 is the name of the unix printer).

I am assuming this is either a configuration or permissions problem on the unix
box, but I don't know which, and I don't know what to do (or where to go) to
resolve it.

Any ideas?

Pattee Bender
Uniform Color Company

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