nmbd -H change with version 1.9.18?

liolios at acsu.buffalo.edu liolios at acsu.buffalo.edu
Wed May 12 21:37:53 GMT 1999


We've been using samba version 1.9.18p10 for a few months now to support
student access. We have a campus-wide WINS server(NT), but our dorms are now
wired and we do not want them to have access to that WINS server. Instead
there is a seperate WINS server (samba version 1.9.18) for dorm users. To
give them access to the few samba servers we had, we decided to use 'nmbd -D
-H .../lmhosts' where lmhosts contains the IP addresses and netbios names of
the samba servers. It didn't work. I found from my Samba book by John Blair
that this is no longer available from version 1.9.18 on. It will now simply
use that table for the local host, it will not answer requests from WINS
clients with that information.

Can anyone give me another solution to this problem or does anyone have
pre-1.9.18 source available? 

Lee Liolios
Technology Integration and Architecture Development
University at Buffalo

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