Printing problem when Samba is an NT Domain Member! HELP!!!

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed May 12 17:41:09 GMT 1999

> When I set the security to domain, although I can join the 
> domain I can't print to the RedHat 5.2 (kernel 2.0.36) Samba 
> 2.0.3 Server, which I am planning to use as a printserver. 
> When the security is share level I succeed to print, but 
> any user is able to cancel the job. I tried both printing 
> bsd and lprng. The printers are connected to Intel 
> printservers. The cilents are Win95 and WinNT.

Do you mean you can't connect to the printer? Or send 
jobs and they never print?  Or something else?  Need more 

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