NT/UNIX/Samba passwords synchronization

Partenheimer Nate npartenh at butler.edu
Mon May 10 13:16:27 GMT 1999


You may want to take a look at http://www.syntunix.com.  They make a
product called Passync (formerly SyNTUnix) which will synchronize NT and
Unix passwords in both directions, even using NIS.  We have a number of
Solaris machines in a NIS domain and several NT boxes as well and syntunix
has been terrific.  It allows us to changes passwords however we like
whether it be passwd, any user manager sort of tool, whatever, and it
synchronises itself between our PDC and our NIS master.  The passwords are
sent encrypted from server to server, it hasn't corrupted our password
tables and it's simple for the users who, to some extent, believe they
have one password.  Additionally, in our environment, we can use the PDC 
for authentication and don't need a samba password file.  

If you'd like details visit their website. Likewise feel free to contact
me if you'd like to know more about my experience with this product or how
we've configured it and samba for our users.

Good Luck,

Nate Partenheimer
Information Resources
Butler University
npartenh at butler.edu

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