Master browse list incomplete when using smbclient

Kirk Patton kirk.patton at
Sat May 8 20:58:01 GMT 1999


I recently posted a question on how to get emulate the "net view" command.  The answer I 
receive was to locate he mster browser.
   nmblookup -U wins_server -R -T domain#1b

Then use smbclient to access the master browse list.
   smbclient -L master -W domain -N

I tried this and for the most part it worked.  I wrote a script to extract 
ip/hostname/netbeui name infomation based on the list generated by smbclient.
I then noticed that the clients I was interested in were missing. 

Is there anything I could e doing wrong or may be missing from my smb.conf that could cause
and incomplete list?

For the hosts that do not show up, I can still query the wins server if I already have the 
hostname.  That, however, defeats the automation of the script I made.

I checked out this behavior on a different NT domain and encountered the same problem.

Any suggestions on what I could do will be appreciated.


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