Generating Encrypted smbpasswd file

Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at
Tue May 4 22:17:20 GMT 1999

When the world was young, Sam Mbir-Bondzie <smbirbondzie at> 
carved some runes like this:  

> I would therefore be glad if anyone out there could help me with an
> easier way of generating the encrypted smbpasswd from either the
> /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow password file without the 32X's but the
> actual encrypted smbpasswd file.

I don't have the reference handy, but I believe someone posted a 
shell script for that a while back.

The other way would be to run "update encrypted = yes" (but with 
encrypted password support turned off).  This updates smbpasswd 
with the encrypted password as each user logs in.  However, they 
are still sending plaintext passwords at this point, so it might 
not be a viable option for you.

Another (possible) solution might be to install the SRP stuff 
(including the exponential password suite).  From what I can 
recall, the SRP libs and password file can be used for 
authentication of samba connections (through PAM) but I'm not sure 
if Irix supports PAM...

For more info on SRP, see:

(and get on the srp-dev mailing list).  It's cool.

Regards, Steve

Stephen L Arnold            
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