Generating Encrypted smbpasswd file

Carey F. Cox carey at
Wed May 5 14:21:36 GMT 1999


If you use "update encrypted = yes" with encrypted password 
support turned off, should you still be able to use smbpasswd 
to change passwords. This is what I am trying to do, but 
smbpasswd is not working. It gives me error messages when a 
user tries to change their password and appears to work fine 
for root (comes back successful), but doesn't change the password.
I have also enabled unix password syncing. 


p.s.	Yes, I have generated my smbpasswd file and it is updating
	as users log in.

On Wed, 5 May 1999, Stephen L Arnold wrote:

	[snipped original post]

> I don't have the reference handy, but I believe someone posted a 
> shell script for that a while back.
> The other way would be to run "update encrypted = yes" (but with 
> encrypted password support turned off).  This updates smbpasswd 
> with the encrypted password as each user logs in.  However, they 
> are still sending plaintext passwords at this point, so it might 
> not be a viable option for you.
> Another (possible) solution might be to install the SRP stuff 
> (including the exponential password suite).  From what I can 
> recall, the SRP libs and password file can be used for 
> authentication of samba connections (through PAM) but I'm not sure 
> if Irix supports PAM...
> For more info on SRP, see:
> (and get on the srp-dev mailing list).  It's cool.
> Regards, Steve

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