URGENT: WinPOPUp triggers permission problem

Mircea Ciocan mirceac at interplus.ro
Sun May 2 16:27:15 GMT 1999

        Dear SAMBA gurus,

        I browsed the list archives but found nothing relevant about
this big
(IMHO) problem. Only just another problem like mine, unfortunately
unanswerd :(.
        I have here samba-2.0.3 on a Linux box, libc5, manually compiled
without problems. BTW kernel is 2.2.7ac1.
        All is well EXCEPT WinPopUp messages, I can send them OK but I
        As receiver I set LinPopUp but I don't think that is ever called
because the message get lost and on every message that I receive I get a
entry in the <machine name>.log that looks like:
mircea:/usr/local/samba/var# cat log.mircea
[1999/05/02 18:27:04, 0] locking/shmem.c:smb_shm_unregister_process(435)
  ERROR smb_shm_unregister_process : processreg_file open failed with
code Permi
ssion denied /usr/local/samba/var/locks/SHARE_MEM_FILE.processes
        This is my contribution, I added in the debuging section of
shmem.c the
printing information for file name.
        On my system this file is created automatically when first
arrive and its permissions are 644 root:root.
	So, supposing that is some kind of permissions problem I changend the
guest user from nobody -> guest -> <user with a valid shell/group> ->
	When the guest user reached root all started  to work well, but of
course this is a horrible security nightmare and I'm shure that is a
better and secure approach.
        If some of you can shed some light on that problem I'll be very
greatefull because I'm allmost finihed my hair-to-tear supply.


                Mircea C.

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