WinPopUp messages triggers serious error

Mircea Ciocan mirceac at
Sun May 2 15:59:53 GMT 1999

	Dear SAMBA gurus,

	I browsed the list archives but found nothing relevant about this big
(IMHO) problem. Only just another problem like mine, unfortunately
unanswerd :(.
	I have here samba-2.0.3 on a Linux box, libc5, manually compiled
without problems.
	All is well EXCEPT WinPopUp messages, I can send them OK but I cannot
	As receiver I set LinPopUp but I don't think that is ever called
because the message get lost and on every message that I receive I get a
entry in the <machine name>.log that looks like:
mircea:/usr/local/samba/var# cat log.mircea
[1999/05/02 18:27:04, 0] locking/shmem.c:smb_shm_unregister_process(435)
  ERROR smb_shm_unregister_process : processreg_file open failed with
code Permi
ssion denied /usr/local/samba/var/locks/SHARE_MEM_FILE.processes
	This is my contribution, I added in the debuging section of shmem.c the
printing information for file name.
	On my system this file is created automatically when first message
arrive and its permissions are 644 root:root.
	If some of you can shed some light on that problem I'll be very
greatefull because I'm allmost finihed my hair-to-tear supply.


		Mircea C.
P.S. I'm not on that lists, so plizzz the kind soul who answer CC to me

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