Bad smbclient put performance and smbfs write performance

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Sun May 2 11:55:58 GMT 1999

On Sun, 2 May 1999 16:41:29 +1000, hai scritto:

>> From: "David B. Rees" <dbr at>
>> To: samba at
>> Subject: Bad smbclient put performance and smbfs write performance
>> I've had extremely bad smbclient put performance when connecting from my Linux
>> box to a Windows 95 box.  I only get about 10KBytes/s!  All other forms of data
>> 2.0.3, the Linux machines are running kernel 2.2.7, glibc-2.1, egcs-1.1.2.
>I believe this is a known issue with the new kernel
>and smbfs/smbclient.  Check the kernel mail archives at
> for related info.

No, I think this is an issue of samba 2.x.
I've already posted about this twice on the list and once to samba-bugs, I've
never had an answer.

I'm on kernel 2.0.x, if I use smbclient 2.0.x to put to a pc I get a very low
low speed, If I put the same file with smbclient 1.9.x I get high speed.
I did these test with the tar extensions of smbclient:

A win95 pc, and a linux 2.0.33 with:
1) smbclient1.9.18 (patched to restore subdirs)
2) smbclient2.0.3.

On the win95 pc there's a share, this share contains a dir with:
MB 4
Files 142
Subdirs 2

Tarring from the pc to the linux box takes:
1.9.18: 10sec
2.0.2/2.0.3: 10sec

Restoring from the linux box to the pc takes:
1.9.18: 10sec
2.0.2/2.0.3: 7min 30sec

The tar made with 2.0.2 is restored in 10sec if I use smbclient1.9.18.

I used:
smbclient '\\pc\share' -N -Tc filename.tar
smbclient '\\pc\share' -N -Tx filename.tar

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