Programs using installshield are slow.

Ries van Twisk rvt at
Wed Jun 30 20:27:43 GMT 1999

Hai All,

as it say's in the subject. When I install program's
from a share into a local workstation, Install Shield
is very slow, or does not respond.
All the rest is running ok, and fast.

When I take a look at my processes I can see that 
the samba deamon is running at 60% processor time (PII 350Mhz).
The owner of the deamon is the name of the person who
is installing the program.

Current setup is:
Linux 2.0.36 (debian dist.), Samba V 1.9.18alpha12-1 <==> Windows 95,
Exploder 98

Any clues?

Ries van Twisk

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