Linux can't telnet to WFW 3.11

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Mon Jun 28 14:18:38 GMT 1999

At 02:59 AM 6/28/1999 +1000, Ulung Pribadi wrote:
>My server is RH 5.2 and i use Samba 1.9.18p10 and the client use WFW 3.11
>tcp/ip protocols installed. The subnet and the IP Address is right but I
>only telnet form WFW 3.11 to Linux...not the reverse. On Linux telnet is
>working. I've checked it  through this cmdline "telnet localhost 23 or telnet
>" . And I also testparm smb.conf and nothing wrong happen. FYI I set
>smb.conf like this : 
>It's been a long exhausted day .
>Please help me and what change should I make...
First of all, Samba has nothing to do with telnet - it lets windows
machines access files/printers on a Unix machine.  Smbclient lets
you access windows files/printers from a Unix machine.

For telnet access, you need to have a telnet daemon running.  The
reasion you can telnet from WFWG to your Linux machine is that you
have in.telnetd being run when you telnet to the box.  To telnet
to your windows machine, you would need a simular program running
on your windows machine.  The proglem with this is that WFWG is not
a multi-user operating system, so it does not support someone
telnetting in...

If you told us what you are trying to do, someone could probably tell
you how to do it.  Are you trying to access files on the windows machine?
Do you want to run windows programs, and have them display on the Linux
machine?  Do you want to access a printer?  It can all be done, but you
have to use the right tools...


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