Broken oplock with SuSE Linux ?

Tomek Jarosinski tomek at
Mon Jun 28 09:57:34 GMT 1999

I am using Samba since three years on different Servers and OS - 6
Solaris Sparc and 3 Solaris x86 and on one AIX. Last week i did one
small server installtion for 10 W98 Clients with SuSE Linux 6.1 (kernel
2.2.3) and i had for the first time problems with broken oplocks. Some
programs just hanged and in the logfiles i found "broken oplock"
message. Does Linux support kernel oplocks ? First i turned off oplocks,
and then kernel oplocks. Now the server is running with "oplocks=yes"
and "kernel oplocks=no" and i do not have any problems anymore. Is it
possible that when i compiled new kernel for linux i forgot some
important parameter ? Is it possible to check if this problem is caused
by w98 client ?				
Have a nice day !
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