passwd's and access to shares

Lanny Baron beef at
Sun Jun 27 15:13:47 GMT 1999

Hello everyone,

Last night for an experiment I changed my passwd on my FreeBSD/Samba server
and left my passwd as it was originally on my NT box. Immediatley after
changing my passwd, I was still able to access all the shares. However, this
morning I cannot.

It makes complete sense to me that I am unable to access any shares with a
different passwd on the FreeBSD/Samba server than on the NT box (same
username). But it does not make sense that I was able to access the shares
right after changing the passwd.

So here is the question. Is there a certain amount of time needed so that
any change in passwd's will prevent a user from accessing the shares? It
seems like the passwd mechanisms on both machines talk to each other...just
that they take their sweet time about it.

Thanks and have a great day :-)


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