problems with a WinNT SMB server

Massimo Pinto pinto at
Wed Jun 23 14:53:08 GMT 1999


as a new Linux user (Red Hat6.0) I am trying to mount hard drives from a
local network which is managed by a windows NTServer. When I try to
launch from the command line:

smbclient -L  servername

I am prompted for a password, which I presume is the same password that
I use when I login from a Windows environemt. Given the pasword I get
the message:

session setup failed:  ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied. )

My question is wheter the server is denying entrance or I am doing
something wrong, and if so, which man pages to look into.

I understand this may sound stupid to you experts and I apologise.

P.S. I tried to login the SMB server on a unix machine in Italy and the
same command, with my local password, worked fine. This would say that
the problem is in my server here in the UK.  But how do I overcome this?

Best regards

Massimo Pinto

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