problems with a WinNT SMB server

Kevin A. Pieckiel kapieckiel at
Wed Jun 23 19:06:43 GMT 1999

On Thu, 24 Jun 1999, Massimo Pinto wrote:

-> as a new Linux user (Red Hat6.0) I am trying to mount hard drives from a
-> local network which is managed by a windows NTServer. When I try to
-> launch from the command line:
-> smbclient -L  servername

The username being passed is that which you are using on the Linux box. If
your user names don't match, use the -U switch and specify the NT username
with which you want to connect.  Also, make sure your Linux box is using
the right domain.  The -W switch may be useful.  And, of course, make sure
your caps lock key isn't on.  8-)  It wouldn't hurt to make sure you have
permissions on the NT box for the share you're trying to access.

Hope that helps.


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