2.0.2 looses local master browser

Linux Admin wt at electro-mechanical.com
Mon Jun 21 17:23:19 GMT 1999

-- smb.conf --
   os level = 128
   domain master = yes
   local master = yes
   preferred master = yes

I have a machine setup to be local and domain master browser for my company. 
(2 other machines across the wan are local browsers for that building).  We
have >20 win95 machines in each building and I noticed that my machine quit
being lmb.  Before today, the os level was 254 (I had another machine with
255 but I decided to move everything to this machine as far as browsing
goes).  But now, when some windows machines boot, they grab lmb and then
this machine and it fight continuously, both wins (every other time it's one
or the other)

What can be done?

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